I am a PhD candidate at the Institut für Philosophie of Universität Leipzig. I recently submitted my dissertation on assertion and I am expected to defend my thesis in June.

My work focuses on the semantic / pragmatic and the explicit / implicit boundaries in language. I am especially interested in the following two broad questions:

  • What kind of role do such boundaries play in the dynamics of belief and conversation?
  • How could this role help us explain our epistemic finitude as well as the possibility of conceptual innovation?

Besides the philosophy of logic and language, my areas of interest also include theories of action, epistemology, normativity, intentionality, and selfhood.

Among other classic philosophers, Frege is of the most importance to me. I also enjoy working on ancient philosophy (esp. Aristotle), German Idealism (esp. Kant and Hegel), Wittgenstein, and Chinese philosophy (esp. Wang Yangming).

You can contact me at zhanyw@gmail.com