I was born in Lanzhou, China. I lived in China until my college graduation from Peking University in 2007.
I earned a Magister Artium degree from LMU Munich in 2012. I live in Leipzig since 2013.

My name is Chinese (in Hanzi: 展翼文, Pinyin in Mandarin: zhǎn yì wén, IPA: [ʈʂàn î.wə̌n]). In Mandarin, my first name is pronounced like 'ee-wen', my last name pronounced like 'jan' (j as in jam, an as in British English ban).

You can download my CV here (updated May 2018).


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Leipzig University, Germany, Expected in Summer 2018
        Dissertation: The Power in Assertion: Discursive Agency, Norms, and the Unity of Thought
        1. Advisor: Sebastian Rödl; 2. Advisor: Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer

M.A. (Magister Artium), Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, 2012
        Major: Philosophy (Advisor: Günter Zöller)    Minors: Musicology, Sinology

B.Phil. in Philosophy, Peking University, China, 2007

B.Sc. in Electronic and Information Science and Technology, Peking University, China, 2007

Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Logic and Language
Kant and German Idealism

Areas of Competence

Epistemology, Ethics, Early Analytic Philosophy (esp. Frege, Wittgenstein), Ancient Philosophy (esp. Aristotle), Chinese Philosophy


2018. “Overcoming Ossification: Hegel on Life and Rationality”, forthcoming in: Hegel-Jahrbuch.

Selected Professional Presentations

Upcoming Conferences
2018    “Disagreement, Mistake, and Norms in Discourse”, The Future of Normativity, University of Kent, June 29–30.
2018    “Disagreement, Context, and Constitutive Norms of Assertion”, The 2nd Context, Cognition and Communication Conference, University of Warsaw, June 16–19.

Conference Talks
2016    “From the Logic of Life to the Logic of Mind”, The 31st Hegel-Conference of the International Hegel Society, Bochum, May 17–20.
2015    “The Efficacy of Practical Thinking”, The Form of Practical Knowledge, University of Leipzig, July 15–18.
2014    “The Last Word of Theoretical Reason and How to Get Beyond It”, Questions of Absolute Idealism, University of Leipzig, July 16–18.

Presentations at the University of Leipzig
2017    “Normative and Constitutive Principles of Agency”, research colloquium directed by Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, January 24.
2016    “The Generality of Assertion”, research colloquium directed by Wolfram Gobsch, November 9.
2015    “Thought and Judgment”, research colloquium directed by Sebastian Rödl, Novermber 5.

Awards and Fellowships

2013    Scholarship under the State Scholarship Fund for pursuing post-graduate studies organized by the China Scholarship Council (held from Nov. 2013 – Nov. 2016)
2007    Peking University Award for Excellent Bachelor Thesis
2001    First Prize in the China Mathematics Olympiad


Fluent in Mandarin, English, and German
Intermediate in Cantonese
Reading ability in Latin and Ancient Greek (research languages)

Teaching Experience

Graduate Lecturer (Instructor of Record)
        Theorien der Bedeutung (Theories of Meaning), Summer 2018 at Leipzig University


Sebastian Rödl, Ph.D.
University Professor, Institute of Philosophy
Leipzig University
+49 (0) 341 97-35801

Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, Ph.D.
University Professor, Institute of Philosophy
Leipzig University
+49 (0) 341 97-35821